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Evolees - See Love Story

Have you ever heard the dog's tail straw ring? I see love in it.

It was time when Lynda, my neighbor (now my wife) and I were still in childhood. One afternoon, we were playing by the river, I picked some dog's tail straw and made those into two rings, as a gift, one for her and the other for me. Yes, we are childhood sweetheart. Coincidently that day was Valentine's Day that I even don’t know. So every Valentine's Day, I insist on sending her exquisite ring designed and made by myself.

Eventually, we got married on February 7, 2014. In the testimony of friends and relatives, but also the Evolees wedding ring with my promise and love, we ended the courtship. On our Wedding day, I could not believe at that big moment we are putting rings (also designed by myself) on each other's ring finger. I think this is the luck that the dog's tail straw ring gave me. Whether the dog's tail straw ring or true wedding ring. They are all the witness of our love. We will not forget each other.

Here comes! In the feelings of pure love jewelry, my wife and I would like to open an online jewelry gifts store, providing exquisite jewelry with unique design, excellent quality and affordable price for more people, not just lovers, also parents, relatives and friends. And we’ve also got our own jewelry name “Evolees”, which is read backwards from “see love”. Yes, seems elegant and means so much to us, and we hope it is easy for people to memorize.


We Make Jewelry Another Way for You

Evolees' just doing one thing, that is making a stand by the revolution of how fashion jewelry is sold and how you buy it. We are connecting you with the manufacturer directly. so you can get fashion jewelry at affordable price and no other added costs associated with the various tradditional ways.

Our Vision

Evolees sincerely want to help people knows more about jewelry, fashion, beauty, and how to deal with big events! With the Evolees jewelry online store opened, Lynda and I get so much support from our customers, which is bringing to us more passion to fulfill our commitments. We also take "Unique Design , Exquisite Workmanship" as our product standard. It does not mean high price, you know, what we really want is helping people to find pure love and enjoy the love of jewelry. Till now, Evolees has established a mature and stable relationships with a wide range of excellent manufacturers, professional jewelry designers, so that people can get high quality but affordable jewelry.

Evolees Jewelry Workshop


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Pease feel free to contact us, we will answer any questions you might have in 2 hours.

We are tiny yet we mighty. We sincerely hope that Evolees would become your online destination of fashionable, affordable design Jewelry.

Thnank you for your reading.

Jeff & Lynda